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Helping Members with photography

At Welshot we are way more than photographic events and workshops – we give constant support to our Members via email, our forum, member only groups on FB and yes, even by phone. Yes, we are a business but we believe we are a business with an ethos to be proud of. We cultivate a friendly, non-competitive, no question is a stupid question environment for those who just want to learn without having the worry they, or their kit is not good enough.Β πŸŽ₯

We have two Membership Packages were we have tried to give the very best value and the benefits are based on what our Members have said they need – we try, wherever possible, to bespoke these to suit each individual as we get to know each Members needs.

Every Month have an Academy Evening in Chester, Manchester, Ellesmere Port and Anglesey at the same lovely warm and welcoming venue and we have a Roving Academy Evening based in an outside location along the North Wales coastline evey month too which is perfect for those who love to photograph in the outdoors.

Members are able to earn WelshotRewards, not by spending money but by doing stuff, providing us with an image for our promotional material or even writing a blog. Just posting a photo into a monthly challenge on our forum gives you WelshotRewards automatically – this makes it fair for all by not having to spend money to get a completely free photographic WelshotRewards Day – of which there is always a good selection to choose from on our Website.

At Welshot we only work for our Members and those who atttend our events – our training isn’t a sideline, it’s not something we do to earn a little extra money to keep our photography business running and we most certainly have all the proper insurance to make sure everyone is protected. If it was not for our Members there would be no Welshot so we make sure they are all looked after and happy.

No Member can do every event we do, time and money would not permit – in January alone we have NINE events… The thing we tell our Members – the VERY best way to get the most from your Membership is to take part in the online challenges (Forum and Facebook) and if you could only attend ONE event a month then we would say an Academy Evening at a cost of just Β£28 is THE best way for us to get to know you better, so we could help you better – we even feed you a full buffet meal – complete with chips…

We also say, if you want to know more about what we do, attend a FREE Open Event and come and see for yourself, ask questions, get some help, try a few new things and also talk to the other Members to see how Welshot has made a difference to their lives and photography.

Open Evening Event

Maybe we can help you too – we’d love to have the chance – Here is what you get when you become a Welshot Member.

16 thoughts on “What we do for our Welshot Members…

  1. Susan Ryan says:

    I went to the Open Day in Chester in October determined that I wasn’t going to get carried away and join on the spot – but guess what? I did. In the run up to the day, Lee had patiently (and promptly) answered my questions. If she doesn’t know the answer, she knows a man who does!
    On the day, I met some very nice, friendly, people who went out of their way to help. I was bowled over by the opportunity to photograph stuff I would never be able to do on my own, from a selection of elaborate still life arrangements (all lit), to a number of very patient models in a variety of settings with different types of lighting. All with people on hand to help, so all the time I was learning by doing. I just HAD to join. Last week I had my 1:1 with Eifion, so a more structured learning environment, but still fun and enjoyable – and I KNOW how much I learnt because I’ve just twiddled with the no longer mysterious white balance on my camera to improve a picture! Get me!!!
    I think what’s different about Welshot is that you can pick and choose what you go to or not, and it seems to be up to you how much you learn from it. So a more experienced photographer could still benefit from the events and the opportunities on offer. I recently came to the realisation that night photography on my own lugging a camera and tripod is NOT safe. But with Welshot I can do it safely with a group of people and in different places. Sorted! And lots of interesting events coming up.

  2. Louisa Crossley says:

    I considered joining Welshot for some time before actually taking the plunge on the recommendation of a friend, almost a year ago, and I’m so glad I did. There’s wide range of Welshot members from beginners to highly skilled, enjoying all types of photography. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming, particularly Eifion. Eifion is really patient and helpful, and is happy to give advice, face to face, online or by email, even when I need telling several times or I’m being indecisive. I’m quite new to photography and I don’t have the latest camera and lenses but that hasn’t mattered at all. Nobody cares, and Eifion tailors the advice to my equipment and ability.

    I try to get to an academy evening each month because they’re a great opportunity to meet up with other photographers and get lots of tips, and I feel more comfortable standing around taking long photos on dark evenings when there are lots of people around. It’s also good being able to compare images afterwards to get new ideas, and to learn what settings others used to get their shots, in order to try and improve next time.

    People have said to me ‘Isn’t Welshot expensive?’ but I think it’s value for money, particularly when taking the opportunities to collect reward points. I have 2 full day events booked, completely free of charge! And the Academy evenings last about 4 hours and include a meal, and the groups are small enough that Eifion can spend plenty of time with everyone.

    If you’re considering trying Welshot, I would say ‘do it’. Definitely! Go along to the open day to learnt a bit more. You won’t regret it

  3. Sandra Pierce says:

    I joined as a Business and Blogger (now The Kiwi Social) then went along to a snapshot day. It was a brilliant day with 4 different genres to shoot. With help every step of the way we did, portrait all set up with lights, backdrop and a beautiful model, macro again with four sets to choose from and specialist photographers to help and show us what to do, street photography and outside portrait photography. I was a little intimidated at first, lots of photographers all looked like they knew their stuff and me a total beginner! Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I absolutely loved it. I now go to regular events, have done New Brighton, Penmon St Asalph a Composite weekend to name a few. Not to mention Kiwi Social its all about having fun whilst learning new stuff. Eifion has the patience of an angel, so so helpful. I’m looking forward to next year. There are some cracking events coming up. Hope to see you there!!

  4. Paddy Reason says:

    I joined to improve my skills and in particular to shoot people, something I had never done. I was truly terrified to begin with but the support from the Welshot team was brilliant. The models were also great even for a newcomer to the genre. I have been to several events now and have learnt something new at everyone. You never feel stupid if you are inexperienced and the Welshot events are always really well organised. I have never come away disappointed, quite the opposite and I am definitely a better photographer as a result.

  5. Tricia Sandford says:

    Well everything I feel about Welshot seems to have been said by everyone already. I would add the reason I joined……Now I know a lot of the members belong to ‘traditional’ camera clubs and I’m in no way criticising that, but having been a member of two in the past decided they weren’t the place for me as they were competitive and consequently many of the members were unwilling to help. I needed help. OK….so I was told at one of them if I wanted to learn to use a camera I needed a college course……tried two and got my money back from both. Somehow, via a Welshot member’s input on an online course, I came along to an Open Day, feeling optimistic because of all the information I found on the excellent website. I really felt at home and relaxed and I didn’t need to ask anything…..it was offered happily by Lee, Eifion and all the Welshotters. I joined there and then…..unusual for me (Libran) I,too, have had the tailored one-to-one with Eifion, had a try at a studio model shoot, taken part in a couple of online challenges, booked on a full day Norse Dragon shoot AND earned enough rewards which I’ve decided to ‘spend’ on Chester @ f1.8 – Street and Creative. I’ve never tried that before but in no way feel intimidated. That’s how the Welshot Family make you feel

  6. Sarah Rushton says:

    I joined Welshot because I saw a friend going to what looked like really interesting photography events and decided that I would love to change my photography from ‘using automatic and getting some OK holiday snaps’ to being happy with my photographs and able to consider using them on more important things. I have learned so much and found so many more genres of photography that I like since joining. And despite that, I’ve managed to only buy one new lens for my camera – and that was second hand from a friendly Welshotter too!

    The help given at events, either from the ‘leader’ or Eifion is invaluable – all the way from that first low-light Academy Evening where I was helped to erect my tripod and attach the camera as well as start to understand some of the basics and take photographs in the dark (which I would never have thought possible before) to day-long events going into subjects in much more detail. I have enjoyed each one and come away with more understanding of my camera and ways in which to use it.

  7. Adi Benson says:

    I reconnected with an old college friend via Facebook and it turned out that we both had developed a passion for bird watching and also photography in the intervening 40 years. He invited me to a Welshot Manchester taster event and I went along primarily to see him. By the end of the three hours I had worked with a model, photographed a Ferrari and an old Mini and used a number of different lighting setups and eaten a carvery meal. I signed up the next day and my photography hasn’t looked back. Living in South Yorkshire means that I can’t get to as many events I would like to but Chester isn’t that far away and the three hour drive to Anglesey is worth it for the great days I have got to. Through Welshot I now have a much better understanding of my camera’s controls and settings and have become far more confident across a range of genres, though nature and macro are still my favorite. I would unhesitatingly recommend Welshot to anyone who is looking for a supportive photographic community in which you can develop your skills, learn from experts and eat chips (or chups).

  8. Lowri Smith says:

    I joined at the beginning of 2017 after attending a snapshot day. The snapshot day introduced us to different genres with the help of team leaders. I had only become interested in photography about 9 months before. I have learned so much through Welshot. I think my favourite event was the lighting weekend. I learnt so much that day but it also made me rethink how I look at potential locations in terms of light. I have also benefited from equipment advice from Eif. There is always an opportunity to learn particularly from Eifion. I recommend Welshot to anyone I know who has an interest in photography. My sister has since become a member. Thank you to Lee & Eif .

  9. ann says:

    s I’ve been a member for a few years, I have made so many new friends through Welshot Imaging – Photographic Academy, as well as gaining knowledge and photography skills. Academy evenings are not only informative but fun as well. I have been unable to attend events recently but still get support from the team via the forums and 1:1 as required, the care extended is beyond photography- Welshot team and family genuinely care about your well being, and getting the most from your membership package. If you are not sure then follow Welshot Imaging – Photographic Academy on FB to see what antics we get up to.

  10. Philip Tugwell says:

    I have been with Welshot now for just a year and have done a number of evening and full day events which I’ve always left having had a brilliant day made new friends learnt loads and come away from some great images. Has my photography improved over that time? more than I could ever wish. From a one year veteran of digital photography when I first started at Welshot I am now producing images that are on a different scale completely and confident to run my own studio sessions with models.
    But this weekend Welshot surpassed even that I had an extended one to one with Eifion looking at more advanced flash techniques which I was struggling with at events. Apart from being a true gent and a real master of all things photography his ability to teach the art of photography is exceptional the hours flew by and the proof is in the images the next days images had corrected all of the issues I had and I’m confident I can repeat that next time.
    Would I recommend Welshot to anyone regardless of standard and ambition who wants to improve their photography hell yes they are the best around

    I guess that the biggest compliment I can give is that yesterday just 2 years after picking up a DSLR for the first time and after a year of working with Welshot I carried out my first paying assignment a wedding and I’m very happy with the result I achieved as are the Bride and Groom

  11. sue Mannings says:

    I joined Welshot over two years ago, after being hooked through attending a Snapshot Day / Open Day. The first thing you realise is what a lovely bunch of people the Welshot Team and members are: you are made so genuinely welcome and nothing is too much trouble. The team really are there for the members and they really do want you to get the best out of your camera and feel comfortable and confident. I went knowing the basics of my camera but thanks to the brilliant tuition and inspiration from both team leaders and fellow members, I learnt so much more about what my camera can do including composition, lighting techniques and being introduced to so many different photographic genres including macro, portraiture, still life, speed, street and landscape – and much much more. What a brilliant opportunity to get to use studio lighting and sets, off-camera flash and natural light with brilliant models who are such fun and are lovely to work with. Post-processing sessions are so helpful. As for the one-to-Ones with Eifion – well, they are second to none. Brilliant bespoke sessions geared solely to you and your camera. You will learn so much. There is no being made to feel inadequate if you don’t understand something or if you don’t feel your camera is as good as someone else’s. As Eifion says, “the best camera is the one you’ve got with you” – and you will soon be amazed at what Welshot enables you to achieve. There is so much fun and friendship with everything Welshot and no hard sell. You are given plenty of opportunities to showcase your work and have lots of online support via the forum. You even earn Rewards by taking part in such things as sharing a photo or contributing to a blog. Those Rewards all add up until you have enough for a totally free Rewards Day in one of the many great locations along the North Wales coast, Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, New Brighton and Ellesmere Port. You even get fed and watered! Come and join us, but beware – it’s addictive!! 😊

  12. Sue Emery says:

    I joined many moons ago having been to a Snapshot day in Liverpool with a new camera I knew nothing about. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing and I was too scared to ask for fear of looking thick. Even So, because of the fabulous set ups and instruction I managed to get some very passable shots. Fast forward a few years and I’m well and truly hooked. While still a hobbyist photographer, and with no plans to change that, I look back and realise how I’ve developed (sorry) in all areas. I can whizz around most areas of my camera with ease. I can deal with models now which used to terrify me as I never knew how to pose them. Being out with Welshot at night brings safety in numbers for otherwise lone photographers as others have mentioned. I’ve never been to a miserable Welshot event, they are a great bunch and there always plenty of laughs to be had. I’ve also had the chance to travel abroad for the sole purpose of photography which could be a no no if your other half or friends are not into it. I’ve been to Iceland 4 times including seeing the Aurora about 15 times, Prague and Krakow. The chance to see the Aurora was worth my memberships alone 😍. The biggest thing I have learned is not to be scared to ask when I get stuck but to shout ‘Eifion!! Help!!’ Poor man 😁. It’s not just for photography it’s a night out, where else can you get a good night out with good company and a nice meal for Β£28? And there are also Welshot reward days that won’t cost you a penny. So if you are wondering what it’s all about, just come along to an open day, it’s free! Or just bite the bullet and come to an academy evening. Look forward to seeing you soon πŸ˜‰

  13. Mark Powell says:

    Debbie and I joined Welshot as enthusiastic amateurs but Eifion and Lee and all the amazing Welshoters treat us and make us feel like enthusiastic professionals – come join us and have fun with your camera

  14. Debbie Hunt says:

    Welshot Imaging – Photographic Academy is the most amazing, friendly and supportive group of folks out to help each other, led in a lovely way by Lee and Eifion. I didn’t have a camera apart from my phone until my lovely Mark bought me my Olympus to stop me from saying to him ‘why don’t you take that’ or “ooo that would be a good shot’! So there I was with a new camera, much enthusiasm and zero knowledge of photography. My 1:1 with the ever patient and knowledgeable Eif started to build my confidence and encouraged my to just explore and have fun. He even answered my message from CinqueTerre in Italy when I was attempting some low-light photography and had forgotten which settings to use! I have been bobbing along with these folks for a couple of years now – I love the events and always learn something new πŸ™‚ I even help out with newbies at the Open evenings!!

  15. Richard Langton-Davies says:

    I have always liked Photography as a means of capturing a memory of a place or person, I have always had a camera cheap or expensive, but I would never of thought to call my photography a passion until I became a member of Welshot and found out how things can look thru the Lens and how to make things look pleasing to the eye and by default make the eye want to feast on the memories that’s I capture. These points have become more important to me as I have looked back thru my photos and see the difference in them before Welshot and since. I love to see even the blurry images, due to camera shake, wrong focus point etc. But now thanks to a push from my wife to try something new, a Welshot Academy evening event in Chester and the thanks to the Welshot team, I have the knowledge to make every memory I capture as crisp and vivid( or as near as possible) as I see it in my mind no matter what camera or equipment I have at hand.

  16. Jane McCaughey says:

    I joined Welshot back in October 2017 for months I have watched what my brother Liam was doing and sharing. I wanted to study photography at 18 when I failed my A levels but was talked out of. It has been on my bucket list since then. I walked in felt at home met some amazing people who advised me on cameras and how to get started, I borrowed a camera and got stuck in . I signed up before I left. Onwards and upwards and a big tick on my bucket list.

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