Welshot Rewards is Welshot's own loyalty scheme. Rewards can be earned by taking part in various activities online, by helping to promote Welshot via social media, by submitting images to be used in Welshot marketing, by joining in Welshot contests and a variety of other.

You can keep track of your rewards points via your profile on the Welshot website. Points can be saved up and spent on special, money-can't-buy events. These Welshot Rewards Days can only be paid for in Welshot Rewards and are advertised on the website and via email like any other event.

To book a place on a Welshot Rewards Day watch out for emails from Lee and follow the instructions. Soon there will be introducing a Welshot Rewards online shop to directly purchase events and other products and services.

You can earn Welshot Rewards points in a variety of ways, from entering one of our monthly online challenges to responding to a newsletter or even introducing a new member. Check out the website to see all the ways you can earn Welshot Rewards and earn yourself a special photographic experience.

Here are some of the ways on which you can earn Welshot Rewards:

  • Enter one of the monthly online challenges on the Welshot Facebook Business Page = 500
  • Winning the monthly Facebook challenge on the Welshot Facebook Business Page = 1000
  • Enter a Competition or Challenge on the Forum = Various amounts
  • Write a blog for the Welshot website = 2000
  • Bring a friend to an Academy Evening = 2000
  • Bring a friend to a workshop/event = 3000
  • Introduce a New Member = 5000
  • Provide an image for promotional use taken on a Welshot event = 2000 (if it’s used)
  • Respond to a survey / Feedback email/newsletter = 100

Welshot Rewards are given automatically on the website for the following:

  • Joining Welshot as a Member = 1000
  • Creating a new topic on the forum = 100
  • Replying to a topic on the forum – 50

The NOT So Small Print…

 Welshot reward days will consist of a variety of genres, including, but not limited to, Off Camera Flash – Studio – Creative – Action – they will take place at least every 4 months and will be advertised as WelshotReward Days – ONLY delegates using points will be able to attend these days and refreshments need to be purchased by the delegate.

 This is as correct as possible at the time of going to press. We reserve the right to change any of the above at any time but will always endeavour to give you adequate warning.  This development is in beta and is continually changing as we move forward.

Registered Address

Brynford House
21 Brynford Street
Holywell, Flintshire