Welshot Does… Here Come The Girls – Chester Academy Evening

Last Thursday (15th June), I attended the Welshot Chester Academy Evening held at the Crowne Plaza hotel.  Work and domestic commitments meant it had been a while since I had spent time with my Welshot friends however it was as always as if I had never been away!

Sophia by Glynne
Sophia by Glynne Jones

At this time of year, the number of members attending the summer academy evenings is often variable due mainly to the holiday season kicking in, however the small but perfectly formed group of members were in for a real treat.  The theme for the evening was ‘Here Come The Girls’, loosely based on the hit TV show, Sex And The City and Rachel, Leah, Sophia and Jennifer-Ann certainly hit the brief in their glamorous outfits.


Jen and Rachel by Glynne Jones 


Leah by Glynne Jones   

Eifion and Jason led the two delegate groups, with a bit of help from Tim Charlesworth and me, we marshalled our photographers to various locations within walking distance of the hotel with the aim of creating some fashion images.

Leah and Sophia by Patrick Reasons


I was with Eif and we had Roy, Paddy, Robert and Philip in our group prior to dinner. Eif shared the basics of off camera flash with the group and with Rachel and Jennifer-Ann working it, the guys were able to create some super images.  It was particularly nice to see new members enjoying the challenge of working with models for the first time, and the light was kind enough to allow everyone to capture some great natural light images too.


Rachel by Patrick Reasons
Rachel and Jen by Patrick Reasons
Jen by Phil Tugwell


Rachel by Phil Tugwell

After dinner, the members swapped groups, and this time we set off with Ted, Joan and Glynne to find some suitable locations. Again, Chester came up trumps with urban backgrounds and locations, allowing the photographers to create some great fashion images culminating in a cheeky little shoot in the hotel lobby/lift!

Rachel and Jen - Image Credit Tracy Edwards
Rachel and Jen by Tracy Edwards

I know from speaking with the members that they had as much fun as I did across the evening and I think it definitely shows in the images they made. Thanks to Philip, Glynne and Paddy for the use of their images…I think you nailed it guys!

Odd fact of the night – we learned that Jason does not like kidney beans and he picked every last one of his chilli – so the question is…is it chilli or not?

As I type, I’ve just had the Welshot round-up ping into my Inbox…now I wonder what’s next?

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