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I headed off to the Crowne Plaza Chester kitted out for a day’s photography.  As always with Welshot, I had no idea what to expect (apart from chips). I knew there would be models, lighting and a great bunch of people all supporting each other to get the best possible shots we could.

Firstly, we were presented with three Disney princesses.  Bethany as Snow White, Lauren as Alice in Wonderland and Nadine as Ana from Frozen.  They’d brought their own costumes and done their own make up and, as usual, they looked great.

Jason was leading my group in the morning and he took lots of time to explain what he was doing with the lights. He showed us how to use a light meter and we experimented with different types of lighting, from a flat even light for those of us who like to do composites, to edgy harsh light and using coloured gels to get a really different look.

First up we worked with Alice and we had lots of chats about the story and what props we might use.  Can you believe it, the bar had Cheshire Cat beer bottles and of course we had to use them as props.  Sue M had brought a range of props with her and we borrowed a tea pot and cups and saucers from the hotel.  The hotel staff, as usual, were unfailingly polite and helpful, no matter how daft our requests seem – you only have to say you are from Welshot.

Next up we had Ana, and Nadine lets us know what the funny noises we’d been hearing were – she was really up for being fierce and shouting to get the right facial expression.  We had super hero Ana, sweet and girly Ana and grumpy teenage Ana.  Rob and Sharon had brought a sword hilt which they’d made which gave us a chance to have Ana as a warrior. 

Our final model for the morning was Bethany as Snow White.  Bethany is a master of facial expressions and she caught the sweetness of Disney’s Snow White perfectly.  Of course, we had to ‘borrow’ an apple from the hotel – what would Snow White be without an apple! 

We stopped for lunch, and to let the models change outfits for the afternoon.  Chill and Rice – with chips of course – and great company leading to lots of laughs.  All I can say is don’t ask Jason about the conversations he used to have as a boy!

The afternoon was all about Marvel and we were all blown away by the costumes and make up.  The whole afternoon was full of laughter and fun.  We learned that Lauren is exceptionally flexible and none of us could believe that this was her fist time modelling.  Nadine looks good in green and Batgirl has a mean streak.

My group was with Eifion for the afternoon – and as expected the lighting set up was fantastic.  Our first session was with the Joker and Harley Quinn.  What an amazing shoot – the models were up for anything and really got into character.

We moved on to Batgirl and got some great shots and I’ve already got a load of ideas at how I might use them in composites.

Finally, we got a chance to photo all three together and I think everyone got some unique and wonderful shots for their portfolio.

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A day with Welshot is not just a chance to improve your knowledge of photography, lighting and posing models, it’s a great day out with a bunch of like minded people.  The sense of camaraderie is fantastic.

Thanks to Bethany and Sadie for fantastic creativity and to the models for working so hard all day and to my fellow delegates for making the day so much fun.

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