Welshot Did… WelshotRewards Day in Liverpool – A Poem by Joan Reece


Sunday, 16th July, with Welshot was so much fun…

But let’s see how the day had begun.

Picked up at eight

So as not to be late,

Lee drove to Liverpool in the rain-

It looked as though it would be a wet day again.


Pret a manger was our meeting place

To greet others, face to face.

All arrived except for Sue two.

Where was she? We hadn’t a clue.

Lee waited while we looked around

At some graffiti Sue One had found.


When we returned out came the sun

And Sue two had arrived to join in the fun,

Off we set, a merry band,

With cameras ready in our hand,

To see umbrellas hanging high

Brightening up the clear blue sky.


Then street photography was our next aim.

To shoot people unnoticed was quite a game!

Dancing waters in the street

Proved to be a photographer’s treat.

We stumbled on the Cavern in Mathew Street

And went inside to see where famous bands used to meet.


Next Sue led us through a hotel door

And showed us a plaque ‘TITANIC’ on the floor.

Up we went in the lift to floor number seven

To see the view from the Titanic offices was sheer heaven.


Feeling hungry, we searched for food.

Somewhere close by would have been good

But the Pump House  was sadly full so we headed for town

Passing a huge working horse statue on the way down.

John Lewis provided roast beef, fish and chips –

In the mouth and onto the Hips!


Nicely full and our feet recovered,

Off we set to see what could be discovered.

At the Albert Docks what was to be seen?

Pictures of the Beatles and Paul O’Grady made out of more than one bean!

Then, to top it all, we found the Yellow Submarine in dock.

It was just like turning back the clock.


The sky was clear, the weather was hot.

An ice cream was what was called for on the spot.

Nicely cooled down we set off once more,

Past the big wheel rising high from the floor.

We found a tribute to Beatle John

Who only wanted peace and now he is gone.


Then we heard lots of laughter and a shout,

Of people in Saris enjoying a nice day out.

We found out that it was a wedding party

Everyone was full of joy and hale and hearty.

Sue two was very brave and asked them to pose

So up we all got and went to nose.

The young girls were happy to let us snap

And Sue even persuaded one young chap.


Time had marched on – it was time to go.

We had a discussion which way to go.

Then off we went at a leisurely pace,

Snapping buildings and the occasional face.

Another horse made from one long piece of rope – quite a feat-

Was standing just across the street.


Then back to the umbrellas high in the trees,

We snapped people taking their own selfies.

You should have seen the positions they got in

From down on their knees to raising their chin!

It certainly caused quite a stir

Everyone was stopping and looking right there.


To see Liverpool with friends in the sun

Turned out to be a lot of fun!

Thank you Welshot.

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