The value of my Welshot photographic One to One with Eifion

One to One Photographic Tuition wth Eifion Williams of Welshot - Jane McCaughey

The Value of my One to One photography session with Eifion from Welshot

It was a cold thankfully dry, February morning when I set off from Tintwistle to Chester. I was off to have my One to One photography session with Eifion Williams from the Welshot Photographic Academy and learn a lot more about what I can do with my camera and what some of those buttons will do.

I eventually arrived at The Crowne Plaza Hotel, having had an interesting walk following Google maps but that’s a whole other story!

One to One Photographic Tuition wth Eifion Williams of Welshot - Jane McCaughey

We started the day with coffee always a plus in my life, Lee had set up her office in the corner of the room which I used to do some practice photos of to show how adjusting aperture and  shutter speed can change the look of the same picture but I get a head of myself here…

We opened by discussing what I enjoy photographing and what I was hoping to achieve on the day, which was a simple answer… I just wanted to know what I can really do with this camera.  I am interested in learning to know about how to shoot bands and concerts, and macro getting that fine close-up detail is amazing.  I like colourful pictures too so the oil and water or smoke ones that Eifion showed me, means I will be looking for an academy evening in Manchester doing the oil and water and shooting with Gels in the future.

As we worked through my work book I really started to understand the potential of what was hidden within.

The explanation that every photo we take is a product of the exposure triangle, ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. When looking at the aperture the bigger the number the smaller your hole but could it be the bigger the number the greater the coverage of the lens thus the reduction to hole in the centre or is that too weird.

I was surprised to learn that by changing the setting on the shutter speed you could take the same exact picture but with such dramatic differences, especially with moving objects like water, or people walking in the street, it adds a deeper level of dramatic effect.

Histograms I found this really fascinating, to me this is a digital graph of your picture, the idea is to get it to balance, is to get it to reach from edge to edge, however dependant on what you are photographing you may want it to be unbalanced, so if you are photographing the moon it will be heavy on the darkside where as if you are photographing a snowy scene in a blizzard you want it to be heavy on the light side.

I learnt how to set my camera, so I could shoot in various styles, using the bowl of Jelly babies on the table I shoot them in Black and White then in colour.  I now want to do more Black and White photos. It just brought a whole new genre to life.

One to One Photographic Tuition with Welshot  One to One Photographic Tuition with Welshot






We spent a good couple of hours going through the work book setting myself some homework along the way.

Next it was time to put theory into practice we went for walk into the city centre, where I shot several pictures trying to remember everything I had learnt.  Black and white still rocked even if we were freezing, I guess no pain no gain.  I quite like lying on my back photographing whatever flies over me but putting the camera on the ground and shooting worm eye is something I will be doing a lot more of the cobbles of the street look like they are bending.

One to One Photographic Tuition wth Eifion Williams of Welshot - Jane McCaughey

One to One Photographic Tuition wth Eifion Williams of Welshot - Jane McCaughey

One to One Photographic Tuition wth Eifion Williams of Welshot - Jane McCaughey

When the cold finally penetrated through to our hands we headed back to the hotel, my turn for getting some questions answered, I started with Welshot Website and navigating it and booking academy days etc.  I also wanted to know more about SmugMug and my online Gallery.  Then I wanted to know more about gels, the colour definition I had seen on some pictures I would love to learn to do for myself. I thought they were something I need to buy for on my camera but was soon shown my error as the room was set up for an academy evening shooting with Gels.

I also got to have a chat with Jason a Welshot Team Leader about putting a water mark on an images and equipment.

The whole day passed very quickly, it was informative and fun. I am sure during the last hour I might have stretched Eifion’s knowledge of Welshot to its limit.

It did not once feel like learning but more like hanging with a couple of mates sharing their passion with me.  I can’t wait to do it all again when I renew my membership.

Jane McCaughey

2 thoughts on “The value of my Welshot photographic One to One with Eifion

  1. Tricia Sandford says:

    I had a One-to-One with Eifion but in Llanberis at the National Slate Museum. He is so organised and helpful , tailoring the content to my pre-ascertained ‘needs’ list……and supported by notes. He’s also happy to be side-tracked……not that he had much choice with me 🙂
    I WOULD RECOMMEND A ONE TO ONE WITH HIM WHETHER BEGINNER OR NOT, He has such a wealth of knowledge/practice…..and like all good instructors, what he doesn’t know he’ll find out

  2. Liam McCaughey says:

    I told you Eifion’s one to one would help you dear sister. His patience, knowledge and how to use the camera settings are ace. I’m glad you had fun and got something out of it. Time to get on some of the academy evenings or weekend events now.

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