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Creative Photography in Conwy – Roving Photographic Academy Evening


The February “Roving Academy Evening” is all bout getting creative in Conwy. As it is still dark we will be using our cameras in Low-Light conditions and making a variety of Long Exposure photographs – from “Traffic Trails” to “Milky” water effects on the Quay. The beautiful town of Conway, North Wales will be our locations Tonight.  You will have a bit of a challenge to re-create some iconic images using a variety of photographic techniques and skills. Long Exposures, HDR, Macro (Close-Up) there will be plenty to capture on our Evening stroll with cameras. All after a Fish and Chip supper of course. We will also learning the “Painting with Light” technique and showing you how to add light onto your buildings to give them that WOW factor.

Be My Valentine – Themed Photo-Shoot – Ellesmere Port Photographic Academy Evening

Robert Prenton-Jones - Extra Image 17th March 2018

February – the Month that belongs to Lovers – Yes, it is Valentines Day on the 14th February and tonight at the Welshot Photographic Academy Evening based at the Holiday Inn, Ellesmere Port we are going to be working with Mains Studio Lighting and our Models will have a “Valentines” feel to it. The Welshot Team Leaders will help you to make some wonderful portrait photography and you will learn how to work with, and pose Models.  Our Models will be wearing a variety of outfits that will surely get cupids arrow firing and you are guaranteed to get yourself a range of creative photographs for your portfolio. This Photographic Academy Evening is going to have it all, helping you to learn how to get the best from YOUR camera, fun and of course, chips.

Low-Light HDR – How to Shoot & Post Process HDR Photographs – Anglesey Photographic Academy Evening


Tonight, at the Welshot Photographic Academy Evening in Beaumaris it’s all about shooting and making an HDR photograph.  High Dynamic Range can be a useful skill and technique to learn and can be used in a variety of situations. If it is done correctly no one will event be able to tell your images/exposures have even been merged.  Tonight, you will be learning how to shoot HDR in Low-Light and the Historical St Marys Church and if you would like, practising your long exposures too, before heading back were we will show you how to shoot and how to post process those images

How to Pose a Model – My First Welshot Event

Image taken by Steven Boswell at the Welshot Photographic Academy Evening - How to Pose a Model

So this is me on my modelling debut at the Welshot event “How to Pose a Model” and I have to admit I was not expecting to be “the wrong” side of the camera! But I have to say it was great fun and more importantly I got a taste of what it is like […]