A passionate newcomer when it comes to photography

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Have you ever had a photography problem but couldn’t find anyone to help, or perhaps you’d like to get off program mode and switch your camera to manual for that extra level of creativity?

Perhaps you’d like someone to critique your photos or someone to talk to about photography?

Search the internet and you’ll find plenty of cameras clubs to join. You’ll certainly find a club near to home wherever you live in the country.

Each club will offer you the chance to improve your skill as a photographer, a venue to shoot a variety of different types of photography and a forum to display your new skills.

Most camera clubs meet on a regular basis.  Each meeting will have a different theme.  One week it could be about software.  The next meeting could be a workshop featuring a model or it could be about your equipment and how to use it creatively.

I’m a passionate newcomer when it comes to photography. Program mode was always the way to go for me.  Let the camera do all the work and hey presto a nice image!

But, it was time for me to leave behind my safety net of the past two years and get more creative.  This is where Welshot imaging come in.

I must add that before joining Welshot, I received quite a few unfounded negative comments that were far from the truth.  I voiced my concerns to Business Development Director, Lee Iggulden.

Lee assured me that there was nothing to worry about and I should come and experience a Welshot Academy Evening for myself.

(Note from Lee Iggulden:  With permission from Steve I would like to explain – Steve, emailed me before joining and asked me the question “Do photos that I take at a Welshot event belong to me?  Do I have copyright?  Can I use these images for my own personal usage?”  These are questions that I have never been asked before and if I am honest, threw me a bit off guard.  I replied very simply YES – ALL the images people take at Welshot events belong to the photographer – Welshot have no claim on them whatsoever (unless the Photographer is actually working for Welshot then the normal Limited Company laws and regulations apply) and the images are yours to do with what you will.  When I met Steve at our Open Evening I asked him why he had asked those particular questions and he replied that he had been told of this rule by someone.  To say I was shocked is an understatement – I had never heard such rubbish – Welshot (as in any other training event or organisation) have NO right to say what you can and can’t use the images for and we certainly don’t have any rights to your copyright.  You can use them for your website, post on social media, put them in your portfolio and even sell them if you wish, all without having to have permission from or any comeback from Welshot.  Yes! We do ask if you are posting on social media to give the model (if one is involved) a credit and tag them if possible and yes, we would love some acknowledgement that you attended a Welshot event but it is not obligatory and definitely not compulsory.  We also love it when Members and Delegates post in our Open Group too – but again, this is your choice and not an obligation.) 

To cut a long story short, I signed up for a 12-month membership Welshot, which provides a friendly and professional environment in which to learn and grow as a photographer.

Lee always goes that extra mile to look after clients and ensures that everything goes to plan. No problem is a big problem.  Lee is always available to help out as is team Welshot.

Steve Boswell – A new member

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