How to Shoot a Ferrari – Manchester Photographic Academy Evening

How to photograph a Ferrari with Welshot Imaging Photographic Academy

I arrived at fivefourstudios for what would be my 3rd visit there (and 4th event with the Welshot Team).  Pre-event instructions were excellent and I knew exactly where to park and where and when to meet.  This Welshot Photographic Academy Evening session was all about photographing a Ferrari.

The welcome you receive at fivefourstudios is superb – you’re always greeted at the door and shown into the comfortable bar area, for a quick pre-shoot drink while meeting the other photographers attending the shoot.  They always have lots of photography and art related books and magazines to get the creative juices flowing too!

We were greeted by Eifion and Jason bang on time and taken down to one of the multiple studio spaces where we were first introduced to our model for the evening.  A stunning, vibrant (and extremely sexy!) yellow Ferrari 458 SpecialeA.  One of only 499 in the world and valued at over £750,000 – it was clear we were in for a special evening of photography.

After a brief run through of the car’s stats from the owner, Jason began explaining the format of the evening and how the 11 of us would be organised into groups to shoot the car.

A really good point made by Jason (before we got our cameras out) was to walk around the car and have a good look at it (being careful not to damage it of course!).  This is something I experienced on a recent landscape shoot in that it’s all too easy to pick up the camera straight away and start shooting – especially when you have a three quarter of a million pound supercar at your disposal.

How to photograph a Ferrari with Welshot Photographic Academy

By walking around the car and just looking at it, I really got a sense of the types of images I wanted to take while appreciating the sheer beauty of it’s hand stitched leather seats, minimalistic dials and amazing angles, lines and curves.  This is a really good discipline to have and I’m glad Jason made us do this before picking up our cameras.

How to photograph a Ferrari with Welshot Imaging Photographic Academy

Both Eifion and Jason had obviously prepared well and altered the lighting setup due to the fact the room was so bright with its fabulous multi-direction infinity cove.  This ensured we were all good to go and meant more shoot time at the end of the day.  Eifion suggested camera settings and away we went.

I’d forgotten my tripod so it was great that I was able to borrow Jason’s and again he was all prepared with multiple tripod mounts for anyone else that needed one.

We started shooting the car in groups, up close and around the car getting some great detail shots of the wheels, badges and contours, inside and outside the car.

Then it was time to turn the car around – the roar of the engine was amazing and something I had to capture on video!

The doors were opened and the lights were turned on – what an amazing machine.

How to photograph a Ferrari with Welshot Imaging Photographic Academy

Another chance to work in groups, photographing the car from different angles and viewpoints before breaking for food while the car was taken outside ready for some more dramatic images.

What can I say about the food and drink at fivefourstudios – other than its awesome! A great selection of sandwiches, crisps (and chips of course) followed by a coffee and a huge slab of carrot cake. They really go all out to ensure everyone enjoys the food and really can’t do enough for you.

Coats on and back down to the studio space – lights all setup and the car is outside ready to go.

After explaining the lighting, white balance and suggested camera settings, we were off shooting again.

How to photograph a Ferrari with Welshot Photographic Academy

We carried on shooting the Ferrari from different positions, with lights on/off, doors open/closed and used a combination of continuous lighting and flash.

At the end of the evening, Jason had the idea to use some coloured gels to simulate the Italian flag so the Ferrari was moved to a new position near a wall and the lighting quickly setup.

How to shoot a Ferrari with Welshot Photographic Academy

My own shot of the night has to be this one which is pretty much straight out of the camera.

How to photograph a Ferrari with Welshot Imaging Photographic Academy

How to photograph a Ferrari with Welshot Imaging Photographic Academy

I got down low and used a longer exposure using the continuous lighting (50mm lens, ISO400, f/5.6, ¼ sec).

As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed my Welshot evening and can’t thank Eifion, Jason, Lee and the team enough for putting on another superb photoshoot.  I only wish you were a little closer so I could get to more of your events but I’m already booked on the Manchester events in April and May. Can’t wait.

Ian Marshall

The next Welshot Photographic Academy Evening for Manchester is:  How to shoot with gels.  We hope to see you there.

Welshot would like to personally give a BIG Thank You to Paddy, Stu and Sean for allowing (and driving) the car to be photographed by the Welshot Community. 

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  1. Liam McCaughey says:

    Gutted to have missed this one. It sounds like a good night Ian. I love your last shot off the floor with the car lit up.

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