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Panoramic Photos for Welshot Focus Needed – Posted 10th June 2017

For the observant amongst you all, you may have noticed that under my “Welcome” in each issue of the Welshot Focus Magazine we have been using a specific image.

They are ALWAYS in Panoramic format (ie, Letterbox stylee) and they always show Welshot Members in action.  Below is an example of what we used in issue one.  The name of the author is always attributed.

We are looking for images from Members taken at any ANY Welshot event (past, recent or present) that would be suitable for this pride of place.

In the first instance we are asking you to post your image here – as a small, low-res file (it needs to be resized to 1Mb or less to be posted on the forum) BUT if your image was chosen it would need to be a large, full-resolution file – Tiff or Jpeg and supplied to us via Email, Dropbox or We-Transfer

You will gain WelshotRewards automatically just for posting in this forum thread.  If the image is used you will earn 10,000 WelshotRewards. 

ONLY images posted in this thread will be considered.  Please – YOUR BEST WORK, from each event only.  

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