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We have a bit of a challenge for you all in July.

Each day take and upload an image that reflects the word we have supplied for that day.  It can be your own interpretation and there is no wrong or right.  Only rule is that this photo MUST be taken and uploaded on the same day between 12.01am – 11.55pm

You will automatically gain WelshotRewards JUST by uploading an image here on the Forum.  This is a Welshot Forum Challenge and all images mus be posted here.  You can use any camera, phone or otherwise.  You could/may post the image in the Open Group on Facebook but it will not go towards the challenge prize unless it is posted here first.

You will also have a chance to win this fantastic bundle of goodies if you upload ONE image EVERY day…

  • 6 Months Membership added onto your account
  • 1 4hr One to One Tuition with Eifion – either Learn Your Camera or Basic Studio Lighting
  • 1 Full Day Workshop
  • 1 x Free Academy Evening
  • 5000 WelshotRewards 

To win this amazing prize you MUST have uploaded ONE image (please remember to re-size to under 1mb) per day for the entire period of July – giving a brief description for your image and corresponding word.

For those who upload everyday, the names will go into a hat and THREE winners will be drawn.

We want you to capture July in Photographs based on the words given below:

1st July:  Quiet

2nd July:  List

3rd July:  Soothe

4th July:  Energy

5th July:  Gentle

6th July:  Read

7th July:  Move

8th July:  Warmth

9th July:  Nourish

10th July:  Kindness

11th July:  Soft

12th July:  Love

13th July:  Work

14th July:  Fun

15th July:  Comfort

16th July:  Grateful

17th July:  Nature

18th July:  Eat

19th July:  Old

20th July:  Listen

21st July:  Still

22nd July:  New

23rd July:  Up

24th July:  Drink

25th July:  Smile

26th July:  Dream

27th July:  Smell

28th July:  Now

29th July:  Celebrate

30th July:  Light

31st July:  Hope

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I ‘hope’ that one day I will be able to finish a photo before the end of the day! I gave it a proper photo a go today but ran out of time. A snapshot of a work in progress from tonight …



I really hope Becky buys me one of these

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Just opened up my baby names book and the page it fell open on was this!


There’s always hope ……



Hoping the bubbles last until teatime

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