Film Noir at Welshot – My First Event…

It’s never easy to turn up at a new ‘club’ where everyone knows each other (you think…) and not feel a little awkward, a little bit of an outsider. Fight or Flight. There’s nothing like that feeling. Joining Welshot for my first Academy Evening Event was most certainly – nothing like that feeling! Anyone...

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Welshot Model posing in a Wedding Dress on a Trash The Dress Photo-Shoot in North Wales where Welshot Imaging Photographic Academy delegates were learning about photographic lighting and shooting techniques.

Trash The Dress – A Very Different Welshot Event

The Welshot ‘Trash the Dress’ event on Saturday was somewhat different from most Welshot events.  Firstly, it was an event where some new techniques were being tried out including paint, smoke and paint powder – and it wasn’t certain how different things would work.  Secondly, because we were using...

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What happens on one of Welshot’s acclaimed 1 to 1 sessions at the National Slate Museum in Llanberis. After 6 months membership of Welshot I decided it was time to arrange my 1:1 session with Eifion.  I have recently changed my camera and have had a couple of months getting to know...

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Photograph of Autonomy Dance Crew taken at a Welshot Photographic Event - Learn How To Use Your Camera - Photographic Lighting Techniques.


I am now in my second year as a member of Welshot, a unique photography academy that I sampled a few times before joining so I have experience of them dating back a few years. I joined because I wanted to broaden my photographic horizons beyond the landscapes and architecture I naturally lean to....

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Landscape Composition with Helen Iles

Composition…  What make a good landscape photograph pleasing to the eye? The above are mathematical diagrams showing the golden ratio. The Golden Ratio is a mathematical ratio. It is commonly found in nature, and when used in design, it fosters organic and natural looking compositions that...

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