Welshot Does… Dubrovnik 2017 – Day One

A Welshot Does…  Discover – Experience – Photograph Dubrovnik Adventure  Excited though we were, the prospect of leaving home in the middle of the night for Manchester Airport was not something we relished. For me, it wasn’t too bad as I live closer than the others and so left home at 3.45 am thanks to […]


If you’re a fan of Strictly you’ll know about the “journey”. Tess and Claudia laugh about it  – as someone mentions the “j” word almost every week. What starts as a good idea, learning a few dances, getting fit and usually losing weight, turns into a compulsive, emotional, all-consuming journey that takes over every part of your life. And it happens to everyone, every year!

Not that I’m a Strictly fan or anything, and I wouldn’t say Kiwi Social has taken over every part of my life, not yet, but it’s made a big difference and I’m really happy to be on the journey.

Day 24 and I’m feeling the Love…

The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.           ~  Mary Oliver For the past 24 days I’ve been going to bed with a smile on my […]

Passion, Photography, Photo-Contests & Perseverance…

Do you love photography?  You’re here reading this blog so I am betting you do.  I am also betting that it’s a bit of an all consuming passion – almost obsessive and takes up a lot of your time, energy and thoughts as well as any spare pennies that you might have. I am also […]

Still-Life Blog or Nuala Get Your Ruler

Still Life in Photography  (Nuala get Your Ruler..)  A Painter is tasked with painting a bowl of fruit. We all did this at school, easy right…? Anyone can do it, no problem…? Then why are all the school paintings not hanging in galleries the world over.  Firstly, there wouldn’t be enough room but mainly most […]