A One to One with the BossTog Eifion Williams

Today was our Welshot “One to One” with the brilliant and very patient Eifion Williams….
We met at 11.00am at the Holiday Inn in Ellesmere Port and were greeted with a huge smile from Eifion & Lee and a very welcome cuppa with biscuits.
We discussed and agreed the running order for the day and were reminded that no question would be a daft question, so with the boundaries set, off we went with Eifion walking us through his really helpful booklet entitled “Photography Basics.” We went over some familiar content and lots of new things too, to ensure we get the best from our cameras.
Debbie and I both learn by doing, so we asked Eifion to “show and tell” on lots of occasions which he was more than happy to do. He also showed us a variety of lenses, filters and cheaper accessories such as step down rings, Hahnel remote triggers and the Polaroid 4 piece close up lenses for shooting macro pics. All of which will no doubt be ordered shortly!!
After a comical 10 mins setting up our new Tripods, (Three Legged and Vanguard) where again the BosTog came to the rescue. We then set off around the canal bays ready to put the theory into practice. All I can say is “White Balance”, Aperture, HD Filters, Long Exposures, composition, rule of thirds, remote triggers. We returned to the Conference room to view and critique our shots some of which amazed us both.
What can we say about our day, well what a difference a day makes, our shots are markedly better and more varied, our camera knowledge is on the up and our appetite to “just try it and see” has never been greater.

So that’s it from us as we’ve just spotted a lovely sunset …………….

Mark & Debs

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