Food Styling & Photography with Editing – Chester Photographic Academy Evening – 19 March 2020

For more information or to book your place, please use this link – https://www.welshotimaging.co.uk/event/food-styling-photography-with-editing-chester-photographic-academy-evening/

Food Photography! It is more than just getting your camera out and clicking the shutter button – it is the styling, the lighting and being able to capture the soul of the food through the art of photography. At this Welshot Photographic Academy Evening in Chester we are privileged to welcome Jonathan Thompson to be your Team Leader.

Jonathan is a master of food photography – an expert in styling and editing – specialising in meaningful, visually and emotionally driven promotional pieces to share your voice and story and Tonight at this Welshot Academy Evening at the Chester Crowne Plaza, he will be passing on his knowledge and skill to you.

Not only will you be learning how to style, light and photograph the beautiful plates of food (all supplied) but bring your laptop and we will help you edit your photos too.

For more information on the work Jonathan Thompson undertakes you can view his website here: https://www.jonathanthompsonphotography.com/

All Photos advertising this event are by Jonathan Thompson

Academy Evenings are PERFECT for the beginner just starting out on their photographic journey.

Academy Evenings are where you will meet other Welshotters in a relaxed and informal environment – these are the best way to get to know how Welshot works and how we can help you. They are informal, relaxed and are considered a monthly social gathering for many of our Welshotters. They offer “Taster” sessions, covering many genres, to our larger, more extensive Workshops and Events.

With the help of the Welshot Team you will be given all the support, guidance and tuition that you need to help you get the best from your camera – regardless of your skill level so please join us on what promises to be a fun and creative Welshot Academy Evening.

Supper is included in the cost of this event.

Academy Evenings are “The” best way for you to do the following:

Help you to get to know how your camera works in a variety of settings and conditions.  Giving you transferable skills to use anywhere.
Let’s you practice different sorts of genres, techniques and equipment – before you commit, a chance to see if it is for you.
Increase your range of portfolio images, make stock images and skill level.
Networking – Team and Fellow Welshotters are a valuable source of information, know-how, experience and contacts.
Help you to find out more about Welshot, how we can help you with YOUR photography.
Help us to get to know YOU better – when we know what it is YOU want and how we can help you with your photography.

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