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Come and join us! Being passionate about your photography is the only criteria needed to join us at Welshot. Regardless of whether your camera cost £100, £1,000 or £10,000 the buzz you get is always the same. The same excitement, the same thrill, the same proud feeling and most certainly the same need and desire to be able to learn how to use your camera properly to capture stunning images. That’s where we come in! We provide the fun, in the form of our photographic academy evenings, photography workshops and experience days, software courses and other events in a friendly and affordable way to help you get the best from your camera

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Our Membership Packages

Welshot Lite


per month for 12 months

Our new Welshot Lite membership package is tailor-made for the budget-conscious photographer who would prefer to spread the cost of membership over 12 months. This package still gives you access to all the great benefits of being part of the Welshot community. Take a look and see how we can help you.

  • 12 month membership
  • Earn WelshotRewards and redeem them for selected events
  • 20% off all Welshot events
  • Online support via forums, Facebook groups and YouTube



The Welshot Membership Package is great value for those at the very beginning of their journey in Photography. It includes a One to One Tuition session “Learn YOUR Camera” which helps you to understand and use the basic functions of your camera. Take a look and see how we can help YOU.

  • 1 x Academy Evening Coupon
  • 1 x 4hr 1:1 Tuition – Learn Your Camera
  • 1 x £50 Off a Full Day Event
  • 20% Off ALL Welshot Events
  • 12 Months Membership


Welshot Plus


The Welshot PLUS Membership Package is the BEST value for the Photographer, (in our opinion) – from a One to One “Learn Basic Studio Lighting” Tuition session to a Full One Day Workshop/Event – this is the package that will help you make the most of what Welshot has to offer. Take a look to see how we can help YOU.

  • 1 x Academy Evening Coupon
  • 1 x 4hr 1:1 Tuition – Learn Basic Studio Lighting
  • 1 x Full Day Event
  • 1 x £50 Off a Full Day Event
  • 20% Off ALL Welshot Events
  • 12 Months Membership

Your Next FOUR Welshot Events…

From Academy Evenings to Full Day Workshops, from Mini-Modules to WelshotReward Days – the Welshot Photographic Academy has something Everyone – If you love Landscape/Seascape, Macro/Close-Up, Street & Documentary, Portraiture or Action Photography – we do it all – making sure those who have a passion for photography can be part of our fun, friendly, affordable and non-competitive community. 

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Academy Evenings

Welshot Photographic Academy Evenings are “The” best way for you to see what Welshot does and how we can help you with your photography. They are friendly, affordable, non-competitive, hands-on, practical sessions.  Starting at 6.30pm, finishing at 10.00pm, you get to learn a thing or three, create some WOW photos, build your portfolio and make new friends all while having fun trying out a new photographic skill and technique.  We feed you too – Chips included.  

Ellesmere Port

Welshot Rewards

Welshot Reward Days are something a little bit different – not like your normal “Rewards Scheme” Welshot rewards Academy Members for “Doing Stuff” rather than spending money.  This we believe makes it fair for Everyone – all Members have the same opportunity and are on a level playing field and earning points does not come down to how much money you spend. From writing a blog, entering a forum challenge, supplying us with an image from a Welshot event or just even because we feel like rewarding our Members – it really is as easy as that to let those Welshot Rewards build up.

Member Testimonials

Name: Sarah Horrocks

Location: Llandudno

Camera system: Sony Mirrorless

At the beginning of lockdown, I truly lost interest in my camera and photography in general. With gentle encouragement from Lee and Eifion and viewing lovely images on the Welshot website I learnt how to post on Facebook and started entering the Tuesday night 1 hour challenge graduating from using my phone camera to getting my ’proper’ camera out!  Inspired by what was being posted in the daily challenges I started trying them out. With a different subject each day I felt encouraged to try out new ideas as all were possible to do from the home which was so important in the early days of the pandemic. Lee & Eifion have been on hand throughout to answer any questions and I have had a brilliant 1:1’s with Eifion by Zoom which helped me enormously- no question is ever judged to be stupid!  Since then my macro lens has rarely been off my camera! I know with their encouragement and enthusiasm I have become a better photographer and put the enforced social isolation time to good use. Without rediscovering my mojo for photography in the early weeks of lockdown with the support of Welshot I do not think I would have survived the past months still being relatively sane!

I love the Sunday night Pub Quizzes – with Lee and Eifion chatting with a guest quizmaster it really does feel as though we are all together.  As I am retired, the daily challenges, the Sunday quiz and Tuesday one-hour challenge have all helped me keep track of the days and provide a focus for the days and weeks. 

Welshot is a tremendous photographic community and I have made some wonderful friends – so very glad I joined. I cannot thank Lee and Eifion enough for their continued support, versatility, good humour and resourcefulness during the past months. I look forward to the time I can be back together with all my friends at Welshot events and holidays but applaud Lee & Eifion for their care in planning how we can meet safely again.

Registered Address

Brynford House
21 Brynford Street
Holywell, Flintshire