24 shots or less…

“Hi, I had such a good day on Tuesday with Welshot, they are all a great group of people who include me! and show enthusiasm towards my photography.

The task we had to do was 24 shots or less.  Throughout the night, we had to perform the tasks given to us at the start of the session.

As I am a new Welshot Academy member, I learned a lot about my new camera and how to use it.

One of our tasks was movement. Eifion and Steven volunteered. We received a lot of strange looks from onlooker’s as he was jumping up and down on the bridge.

The 24 shots or less was a challenge because everyone is so used to taking as many shots as they want, limiting it to 24 meant you had to really think about the photo that you were taking.

This also meant I had to change the aperture and brightness on the camera regularly.

This evening was very instructive, I learnt a lot and I would definitely recommend doing challenges again.

I can’t wait to go to Perch Rock where I will be doing the Annual Jolly next week.”

6 thoughts on “24 shots or less…

  1. JANE Brown says:

    Loved the images…….especially the blurred one of the guy. The water image is good too, I have been trying this type of water image but cannot get it this good at the moment. I will never give up though and will keep going.

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