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Welshot Does… The Shortest Night – All Night Photography


Mid-summer arrived quickly, and disappeared even faster in what must be one of the best spells of weather we have had for some while. What Welshot described as the Shortest Night, which in reality for those who attended, turned out to be one of the most extended, surpassed the longest day! Regardless of duration, long […]

We shall fight on the beaches (also known as The Vikings are Coming)

Welshot Does Norse Dragon Vikings - Welshot Photographic Academy Themed Photo-Shoot

We shall fight on the beaches (also known as The Vikings are Coming) It’s not often that a plan comes together to perfection, but you always know with Welshot whatever the challenges, you will have a fantastic and well organised day. However, the (Norse) gods (and Lee) were in our corner for the Welshot Does… […]

Talacre & Lighthouse – A Welshot Roving Academy Evening

Welshot Photographic Academy - Learn Your Camera with Welshot - Talacre Lighthouse

The event was the Welshot Photographic Roving Academy Evening – the location – Talacre and more importantly the Lighthouse itself. What turned out to be the last in a series of glorious warm, sunny summer days in May was to be the stage for a fantastic evening to spend on the beach. But before we […]

Welshot Does Dubvrovnik – From the Town Walls – Day Three

Welshot Does Dubrovnik - Welshot Photographic Academy

Welshot Does Dubvrovnik – Day Three Having had the luxury of a lie-in yesterday, today it was up bright and early to enjoy a quicker (but equally delicious) breakfast and then off to town to walk the walls – an absolute must for anybody visiting the Old Town. We arrived at 8am ready for our […]

Chester @ f1.8 – Photography WelshotRewards Day

Welshot Photographic Academy - Welshot Does Chester @ F1.8

I thoroughly enjoy a bit of street photography and always carry a camera alongside my phone wherever I go.  But I always struggle to get the shot.  When I do it’s more by luck than judgement! So this event, the WelshotRewards Day – Chester at f1.8  was a reward too good to miss – street […]