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Why We are different

See what our members have to say about Welshot
  • If it’s not fun then we are not doing it right
  • We motivate, support, guide, help and challenge but we will never judge by camera or skill level
  • We are non – competitive. We hold challenges to get you thinking creatively but it’s not about coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd and winning trophies
  • Egos are left in the car park it is about our Members photography, not that of any one person or our Team Leaders
  • We work for our Members
    it’s about them, their needs and desires
  • Our support, guidance and tuition is continual…not just at an event but via email, phone, forum, social media – whatever way our Members need us we will be there for them
  • Our Strategic Partners are chosen very carefully – it’s about what they can do for our Members, not our bank balance and they must offer a Membership Benefit
  • We believe Everyone’s passion is the same
    regardless of type of camera or skill level
  • We bespoke the Membership packages to suit individuals … Once we get to know you we can tweak to your needs and circumstances – all it takes is a phone call

… common questions

What if my Camera is not the best?

Who cares – we don’t. We are here to help you get the best from the camera and kit that you have – not the kit you want to have. We make sure you learn all there is to know about your camera so you can use it inside out and back to front – then when and if you want to move on, we can help you with that camera too.

Are you a Camera Club?

We are not a Camera Club. We don’t have competitions and all our Academy Evenings are practical and hands on where you are guaranteed to leave the evening having learned a thing or three. You get a full buffet supper (with chips) and at least 2 modules to put your camera through its paces.

What is the best way to get the most from my Membership?

  • By using all your benefits that you are entitled to
  • By using all the features such as the Forum, Online Training (Webinars), Facebook Groups available to you.
  • By making friends with your fellow Welshotters and joining in and learning from one another
  • By attending Academy Evenings – these are “THE” single best and most affordable way for you to get the best from your membership and the best way for us to get to know you so we can help you over the coming months.

When does my Membership start and finish?

Your Membership starts from the day you join and runs for 12 months from that date.

How do I take my 1:1 tuition benefit?

You email Eifion at eifion@welshotimaging.co.uk with a selection of dates to suit you and he will email/phone you to arrange a time. Eifion will also need to have a small consultation with you before-hand so he can arrange the tuition around you and your needs.

I am a complete beginner – does this matter?

We love people like you who want to learn. Everyone had to start somewhere and our more experienced Welshotters have been there, done that and are now on hand to help you get the best from your camera in a fun, friendly and affordable and non-competitive environment.

...what our Welshotters have to say

  • Academy Evenings for most of us are straight after a hard day in the office, one thing that Welshot do which is a nice touch is we get a full buffet supper during the evening and ALWAYS with CHIPS…

  • A tailored yet relaxed approach to teaching you how to use YOUR camera in a fun, friendly and affordable environment which instils the confidence to take the pictures you want to take.

    Yvonne Clowes
  • Welshot gets you out of your comfort zone but gives you the support, guidance and encouragement you need to make it happen. This is regardless of whether or not you are local or a remote Member, the webinars and online sessions are outstanding.

    Steven Riley
  • Customer obsession is a phrase companies like to use these days – Welshot lives this ethos, not because the words sound good but because they naturally feel this way all the time.

    Gill McGowan
  • Welshotters don’t preach, they are passionate and willing to help as much as they are able.

    Patrick Yates
  • It is about working as a group, Members, Team Leaders and Welshot itself, we all learn and help each other

    Mark Sands-Foy
  • Welshot listens to its Members and then tailors what they do according to Member’s needs. The professional connections that Welshot have to businesses which can benefit Members is second to none and is always passed on.

    David Padley
  • Welshot is about learning and imparting knowledge in a completely uncompetitive environment – it’s not about competition on any level the only winning is that of your own personal development.

    Julian Wynne
  • Welshot will take you around the world to achieve your perfect photograph; the website with forum and the various social media groups is a photographic bible of knowledge in progression.

    Clive Davies
  • Welshot keeps us stimulated and motivated by keeping the level of interest high, always with some new skill to master. Irrespective of technical or artistic skill, what camera you use, whether or not you are a professional or a first time shooter, everyone is treated the same. Everyone’s opinion matters and no one is judged or belittled or made to feel anything other than welcome and the only thing needed is a willingness to learn and to have fun along the way.

    Martin Fryatt
  • Welshot is friendly – whether that be on Facebook, in the forum or in emails it always comes across

    Robert Cragg
    Studio G
  • Support from other Members is fantastic with everyone willing to share their knowledge. I feel a part of something and am always made to feel welcome. I have never once been made to feel I am being taught but I always come away with my head buzzing and full of excitement. Whatever it is you are doing Welshot… Just keep doing it.

    Sue Emery
  • Egos are left at the door, actually, no, they are left in the car park. Welshot works for its Members, there is no “Them and Us” it is just “Us” the whole concept is designed around the needs of the Members. A mutual love of Photography is all that is needed and comes before anything else.

    Lisa Marie Gee
    Studio G