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welshot reward days

... the events that money can't buy

... what are they?

WelshotReward Days are something a little bit different – not like your normal “Rewards Scheme” Welshot rewards Academy Members for “Doing Stuff” rather than spending money.  This we believe makes it fair for Everyone – all Members have the same opportunity and are on a level playing field and earning points does not come down to how much money you spend. From writing a blog, entering a forum challenge, supplying us with an image from a Welshot event or just even because we feel like rewarding our Members (800 WelshotRewards have been given to EVERY Member to celebrate our 8th Birthday) – it is really easy to let those WelshotRewards build up.

Then all you have to do is decide how you are going to spend them – from now on specifically designed WelshotReward Days can be purchased from the website – no money changes hands (please see any special T’s & C’s specific to each event) and WelshotRewards are deducted from your account automatically.

... how do I get them?

ere are some of the ways on which you can earn Welshot Rewards:

  • Enter one of the monthly online challenges on the Welshot Facebook page – 50
  • Enter a Competition or Challenge on the Forum – Various amounts
  • Winning the monthly Facebook contest – 100
  • Write a blog for the Welshot website – 200
  • Kickstarting your portfolio / gallery by uploading 10 images – 500
  • Bring a friend to an Academy Evening – 200
  • Bring a friend to a workshop/event = 300
  • Introduce a New Member = 700
  • Provide an image for promotional use taken on a Welshot event – 100 (if it is used)
  • Respond to a survey / Feedback email/newsletter = 100

Welshot Rewards are given automatically on the website for the following:

  • Registering an account on the NEW website – 100
  • Publishing an image on the gallery – 20
  • Making a comment on an item – 10
  • Creating a new topic on the forum – 100
  • Replying to a topic on the forum – 10

... how many points do i have?

Just click here to view your account – they are listed at the top of the page

... show me the events!

All the Welshot Reward Day events can be found by clicking here

Booking on one of these events is simple enough. Go to the event, scroll down to the tickets and add to your basket. If you have enough points, you’ll have the option to pay with your points. All the events will show a price but remember, these events are the ones that money can’t buy! The price is there purely to show you what you’re getting for your points.