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Love Photography? Our Team Leaders do and they love to share their knowledge…
Eifion Williams, Managing Director
Lee Iggulden, Director of business development
Jason Edwards Team Leader

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Our Academy Members are the single most important part of Welshot and they are what matters the most in how we work.
Therefore, it is imperative that we have the right people as part of our Team.

Team Leaders are knowledgeable, skilled and have been working professionally or as a serious photographer for many years.They are willing to pass on their skills and knowledge without a second thought to themselves, and they do so in such a way that makes you feel comfortable, which, in turn helps you to learn quickly and have that “light bulb” moment.

We love those “light bulb” moments – they happen all the time…

We also utilise the talents of our Membership by nurturing and developing 80% of our future Team Leaders – this way it ensures that we have all our Team Leaders singing from the same song sheet in regards to our ethos, how we like to work, how we want our Academy Members to be looked after and treated and how we run the Photographic Academy as a whole.

First and foremost it is about our Members’ needs and egos are left in the car park. We look for Team Leaders who are willing to share, teach, support and guide in a constructive, non-competitive and safe environment. This is of utmost importance to Welshot and they are the ones we bring in to help you get the best from your camera…