Love Photography? Join Us….
Eifion Williams, Managing Director
Eifion Williams, Managing Director
Lee Iggulden, Director of business development
Lee Iggulden, Director of business development
…And let us help you get the best from your camera and photography. To help you get the best from your Photographic Academy Membership we have three packages.

The Enthusiast – for the beginner to the serious amateur photographer

The Advanced – for the more advanced photographer to someone who wants to go to the next level

The Business and Blogger – for the business person who wants to get more out of their camera

Each package comes with its own benefits – continually added to and will help you to enjoy your passion of photography. When you join as a Member you will receive a Welcome Letter, a Membership Manual which explains how to get the best from your membership and a Member Benefits Voucher Booklet all presented in a lovely A4 Conference Folder so you can keep track of what you are yet to use.

If you are considering working as a semi-professional or indeed moving into the professional arena full time – we can provide you with the resources, help, support and guidance on a one to one basis and bespoke to you.

New to Welshot is our very own loyalty reward system – these are called WelshotRewards and you earn them in a multitude of ways – to spend on our WelshotReward Days.

The great thing about these rewards – You don’t have to spend money to earn the rewards and money can’t buy a WelshotReward Day – only rewards can.

If you want to come along to one of our Academy Evenings before deciding, please contact to arrange