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Manchester Academy Evening – by Sarah Rushton

Manchester Academy Evening – by Sarah Rushton

I joined Welshot Photographic Academy about 6 months ago as I was wanting to use my camera more effectively.  We had been lucky enough to pick up a reasonable SLR from a friend who was upgrading, and I was enjoying taking photos, but was only using the automatic settings, and these sometimes didn’t get the results I was really hoping for.

Last night I went to another Academy Evening in Manchester, led by Eifion Williams.  I got there a little early and the light was wonderful, so I got my camera out and started taking pictures.  My first pictures of the evening was this:


‘What’s so wonderful about Welshot if you’re taking pictures like?’ that you may be thinking.  The great thing is that I looked at the back of the camera, saw it was a bit (!) gloomy and decided to do something about it.

The very next photo, unedited (and hand held) was this:


Same view, but much more representative of the last of the autumn sunlight on the tall building with the shadows in the foreground.

And that was all before the evening got started!

Following a chat over supper, we started on Eifion’s treasure hunt of images he had taken previously in and around the square, and the aim was to replicated as many as possible, taking into account the change in lighting conditions.  We also had to contend with ‘Octoberfest’ in the square, so were also kept amused with the choice of songs (mainly ‘80’s!).


The town hall was looking gothically moody against a slightly cloudy sky (I would never have even attempted this shot before joining Welshot).

It also has the most wonderful ceilings (glimpsed through a window)








Round the corner a modern arcade came into its own when lit up, and was providing a dry place to sit.arcade-2-copy


I even caught a glimpse of a ghost….ghost-copy






We then headed over to China town where the aim was ‘different’ photos – bringing out aspects that are not normally looked at.  I loved the arch, the shadows it cast upon the building behind, and the detailed construction of its roof.

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Our last mission of the night was traffic trails.  This reinforced what I had done on my first ever Academy evening – this time I was just able to get on with it rather than needing help with setting up every detail of my camera (including the tripod!)

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What makes me particularly pleased is that I am now taking the camera out and taking pictures (off the automatic setting) because I want to and because I’m getting better results than I had done before.   Thank you Welshot and Eifion in particular!

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