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    “A very fine year”

    I’ve thought a while over Christmas about what to write in this blog post and then I remembered that old saying – “A picture speaks a thousand words”.  So I decided in the end to wrap up the year for Welshot with a collection of my personal favourite images from various Welshot blog posts. At […]

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    Welshot London event with Will Cheung FRPS

    In 2012 I set off alone to London with a bit of trepidation as I was attending my first Welshot event. In fact not only was it my first event but it was the first time I was to actually meet anyone in person from Welshot! My relationship with this fantastic Photographic Academy is a […]

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    Post-Processing, laughter, moustaches and yo-yos

    I use Lightroom 5. Maybe not that well, but I use it. I use it because I had attended a day with John Arnold, Gavin Hoey and Eric Renno earlier in the year and it inspired me to use it. Finding there was an opportunity to learn to use it better/more as well as Photoshop […]

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    A Day Out with the Welshot Possie.

      As I stepped through the door I was greeted with ‘Hellos’, hugs and chatter, Coffee, offers of lenses (Cambrian, you are fantastic) And THE lemon drizzle cake (I left a 1/2 stone heavier!)   Lovely Eifion (sigh) with his patience of a saint Explained ‘Rembrant’, ‘Butterfly’ and side light. No question was too silly […]

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    How I accidentally joined Welshot and became a most enthusiastic collector of WelshotRewards

    I never actually intended to join Welshot. I had this image in my head of a clique of expert photographers with the best cameras money could buy, dishing out criticism with a mildly patronising sneer. The thought of exposing my delicate ego and fledgling photography to any of that terrified me.  And then Lee happened…….. […]

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    Unsung Hero

    I’ve been a member of Welshot since March 2011. Having sampled an Academy evening in Chester the month before it was a no brainer to get the Annual membership. A colleague of mine had persuaded me to go along and I just wish I’d have gone sooner. I have gained so much knowledge and experience […]

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    Lifestyle photography, Llandudno, Learning, Laughter and Love!

    A few months ago, following receipt of one of the many e-mails I receive from Lee, I booked myself on a Welshot workshop.   My eye was drawn to the proposal to work with ‘real people’ (is there any other kind??) and the challenge of working with a variety of family groups was just too good […]

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    paris 2013 – day 4

    Day 4 – 5/8/13   Photos taken by me – 207 Miles walked – 6 The last day of our Paris adventure – and as the official event was over, some of our party had already departed, leaving 5 of us to explore Paris without a planned agenda. I was keen to get up close […]

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    A stir of Creative juice: Eyam Landscape Photography with Simon Watkinson

    I’m not interested in photography. I don’t understand why. I’m a creative person, and visual with it. I can stare at the sea for hours and never get bored. Every wave, swirling eddy and subtle shift of colour. Same with landscapes. Cloud shadows moving over fields. Grass blowing in the breeze. Fascinating. Intoxicating. So it […]

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    paris 2013 – day 3

    Day 3 – 4/8/13   Photos taken by me – 283 Miles walked – 10 It was an early start for those who had ambitions for a sunrise shot of the Eiffel Tower. I really fancied this, but it involved not only getting up at 4am, but also walking 2km to the Trocadero, which offers […]

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    paris 2013 – day 2

      Photos taken by me – 507 Miles walked – 14 The first “official” day of the event saw an early-ish rise for a busy schedule, starting with the Louvre, where we beat the queues by buying our tickets just outside, and then headed into the bowels of the building. Now that is a LOT […]

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    Paris 2013 – Day 1

    The event was described as Discover, Experience and Photograph Paris – and boy, did we ever do that! I hadn’t been to Paris for 30 years, and harboured little hope of doing so again, as hubby has no interest in going. However a slightly-less-than-subtle hint to the good man won me his encouragement to go […]